County Unbadged Triples

All results to be either phoned or emailed and scorecards sent immediately by post or email to :
Mrs Jan Pilcher ( Egerton Park IBC) 9 Jasmine Way, Bexhill -on-Sea, TN39 3GJ
Tel: 01424 736233 E Mail:

 Prelim Closes

15th December                   

 1st Round closes  25th January                           

 Qtr Final closes 23rd February                  

Semi Final closes 29th March              


20th April

1 C Urben





2 P Warner



3 S Jones


4 C Lyford



5 J Whitfield


6 A Button




7 D Sharman


8 B Graham



9 D De Silva


10 K Lawrence





11 J Ford


12 P Bessel



13 N Dale


14 G Dowding




15 J Pelling


16 L Parks



17 M Howe



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