Please display minutes of EXECUTIVE MEETINGS on your Club Board and ensure all members have a chance to read them.


       Tuesday 3rd September                                                         Executive meeting at Preston IBC and collection of handbooks                                                                              10.30am

        Thursday 17th October                                                          President's Day ( by invitation ) Langney Sports IBC                                                                                                   12.30pm

        Tuesday 19th November                                                       Executive Meeting at Eastbourne and District IBC                                                                                                       11.30am


        Tuesday 7th January                                                             Executive Meeting at Adur IBC                                                                                                                                          11.30am

       Saturday 22nd February                                                        Propositions for AGM to Hon. Secretary                
                                                                                                           ( All propositions must come through your Ladies Club Secretary )

       Thursday 26th March                                                             Executive Meeting at Wealden IBC                                                                                                                                   11.30am

       Friday 27th March                                                                  All Affiliation, Per capita Fees and League Fees together with Lady Player listings to Hon. Secretary.

       Friday 27th March                                                                  Nominations for Working Officers to Hon. Secretary on SCWIBA Official Forms, signed and dated.

       Friday 27th March                                                                   REMINDER- Winners and Runners Up Cups to be returned to Hon Competition Secretary on Finals Day at Grattons IBC
                                                                                                           ( Please ensure that they have been engraved )

       Monday 20th April                                                                  FINALS DAY for County Competitions at Grattons IBC                                                                                                9.30am
                                                                                                           ( Additional day if required Friday 17th April at 2.00pm ) 
       Friday 24th April                                                                     CLOSING DATE for County Competition entries to Hon. Competition Secretary

       Thursday 30th April                                                                SCWIBA Annual General Meeting at Wealden IBC                                                                                                      10.30am                                                                           



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