Patrons Matches 2019-2020

Date                                       Day                                          Match                                                                         Venue                                                                        Time                                 Rinks

October 24th 2019           Thursday                                    Arun                                                                        Arun IBC                                                                       2.15pm                                 6

November 11th 2019         Monday                                   Grattons                                                                Grattons IBC                                                                    2.00pm                               6

19th November 2019        Tuesday                                 Eastbourne                                               Eastbourne and District IBC                                                     2.00pm                                6

29th November 2019        Friday                                     Horsham                                                    Horsham and District IBC                                                         2.00pm                               6

5th December  2019         Thursday                               Worthing                                                               Worthing IBC                                                                    1.00pm                                5

7th January 2020              Friday                                        Adur                                                                        Adur IBC                                                                         2.00pm                               6

30th January 2020           Thursday                                 Egerton                                                             Egerton Park IBC                                                                 1.30pm                                6

6th February 2020           Thursday                                 Denton                                                             Denton Island IBC                                                                 2.00pm                               6

10th February 2020          Monday                                   Preston                                                                 Preston IBC                                                                        2.00pm                              6

5th March 2020                Thursday                           Langney Sports                                                  Langney Sports IBC                                                               12.30pm                              6

17th March 2020               Tuesday                           Worthing Pavilion                                             Worthing Pavilion IBC                                                              2.00pm                              6

26th March 2020             Thursday                                 Wealden                                                               Wealden IBC                                                                        2.15pm                               6

8th April 2020                 Wednesday                              Falaise                                                                   Falaise IBC                                                                          2.15pm                               6


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